Our HR software integrates the practices and systems at the intersection between Human Resources Management (HRM) and IT. Our HR software brings information from various modules together into a one-stop database application. Our HR software covers many other aspects of human resources from hiring to retirement.


Our HR software can record any data dimension of an employee that is viewable in single click. The data cutting across different HR functions such as Hiring, Attendance, Leave ,Payroll, Expenses, Analytics, Travel, Training, L&D, Timesheet and Exit management are well integrated to avoid multiple data points getting managed through different smaller applications.


Odozi Technologies provides accounting software applications at a reasonable price. We also provides mobile apps for the accounting software. When people are using a computerized accounting software input screens have been designed for ease of use.


Accounting software is a class of computer programs that enable you to manage your business’s financial transactions. Such programs can vary widely in scope, with some programs designed for little more than simple bookkeeping and some designed to manage the entire financial comings and goings of large businesses. This function has an accounting information system. It may be developed by the organization and be using.


Our CRM software helps employees create the most out of their workdays. Replace your stick notes, manual charts and a large database of people with streamlined contact management, detailed reporting and personalized emails for amplified sales.


We are one of the reliable CRM solution providers, boasting an experienced team qualified to offer your business enterprise level solutions that aligns with your goals. CRM software solutions that help define the target audience and further draw a customized strategy for every individual as per their interest, needs and behavior to close the deal.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management Software is typically a digital system which enables manufacturing, sourcing and retailing companies to improve their workflow and productivity. With cutting edge latest technology our team has developed the most convenient and user-friendly software to manage inventory stock, sales and purchase etc.


Inventory Software is highly flexible, scalable and optimized to systematically record sales, purchase, payments, and stock related detailed information for your easy business management. It is a digital platform to make work more efficient and quite error-free.

Distribution & Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence will help organizations to know its growth opportunities ,streamline costs and enhance operational efficiencies and increase profitability. Success and Failure of enterprise can be decided by shrinking time to market, enhanced competition and a dynamic business and technology landscape, availability or non-availability of meaningful business intelligence.


We leverage our industry expertise to provide an assessment or simply assist by providing an unbiased second opinion during phases where the customer is trying to choose from the vast array of tools and strategies