Graphic Designing


Infographics are quickly gaining popularity in the corporate world and are being looked as the easiest way to showcase huge amounts data especially on websites, blogs and web contents where the reader gets bored very easily and moves onto looking at something else. Engaging infographic designs will captivate your prospective customer and will convert it into a sale eventually.


Our team of highly experienced infographic designers will help you to conceptualize your ideas, and present it to your prospective clients, investors or existing clients and investors. We offer business infographics, corporate infographics, company infographics and animated infographics at a very reasonable price.


As casual or intentional website browsers we all are aware of the convenience of online catalogues which serve as a menu to the companies offerings, displayed in a comprehensive layout for convenient, quick decisions that save time and effort. Your bonus as a supplier of products or services cannot be undermined.


To begin with you have an online presence the makes you accessible to people looking for your products or services. An online brochure is great with a flip catalogue for a engaging, informative experience for a genuine potential customer. We design spectacular e-brochure templates that enchant your customers although you are not physically in the presence of a customer and your brochure does all the communication with the amazing design and presentation.


Brochure designs are one way to convey information about your company, services or products to your audience in the most precise way. The brochure design not only includes designing the pages in an artistic way but also requires creative content that highlights the facts that you are the leader in the domain you serve.


Odozi specializes in brochure designing for all types of needs and industry domains. The creative art team at Odozi plans a strategic approach to the brochure design process and will make sure that this customized solution blends in accordance with your company’s overall design and marketing strategy.

Digital Business Cards

Digital business card is a file that contains essential information on you and your company. A digital design like that can be shared online in one click. Along with a name, position, and contacts, you can enhance your card with interactive elements, such as links.


Your customers can call, Whatsapp, mail, save contact & navigate to your location in just 1 click. Your customers can see your brand logo with all the business details as well as contact information.